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Felipe Villegas

Navitas Consultores
Bogotá, Colombia

Specialist in regulatory and energy markets issues with emphasis on the Colombian market. He worked at the National Planning Department (DNP) and at the Energy Regulatory Commission (CREG) between 2001 and 2008. In DNP was responsible for the study of natural gas regulatory issues in preparation for DNP director’s position to participate in the meetings of the CREG. While at the CREG oversaw the design of the regulation of production, marketing, transportation and distribution of natural gas business, which include price regulation, mechanisms of gas sales, transportation rates and distribution tariff, and contracting for the sale of gas. Independent consultant since 2009, advising energy companies in Colombia, investment banks, government agencies, consulting companies and industrial energy consumers. Among the customers are natural gas distribution companies (Gases de Occidente, Gases del Llano), producers (Pacific Rubiales Energy) and thermal generators based natural gas (Termoemcali, Chec, Isagen, EPM).