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Governments, companies, and organizations around the globe have challenges and goals to fulfill the decarbonization agreements until 2050.

That is why we are focused on supporting efforts to achieve those goals.

Our mission on the irreversible energy transition

We are committed to global de-carbonization and climate change at IGEF, the International Gas & Energy Forum. Our vast experience and knowledge in the industry contribute to transforming the energy matrix, turning our efforts into results for a better world. But we’re not the only ones. Governments, companies, and organizations around the globe have the same goal, and they need to fulfill the IEA’s de-carbonization agreement by 2050.

We’re a step ahead and focused on supporting and joining these efforts. At IGEF, we have promoted the energy industry’s understanding, analysis, and discussion. Over two decades of energy dialogue in Latin America, the IGEF has acquired extensive local and regional industry knowledge.

We have also created a strong community for the industry through talks, events, and business platforms. We will be at the forefront of new technologies, research, studies, and energy policy strategies, in natural gas, solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, biofuels, electric mobility, waste to energy, and hydrogen.


Miguel Zabala-Bishop

IGEF Founder & CEO


IGEF is an independent private organization committed to promoting the energy industry’s understanding, analysis, and discussion. With morre than two decades of experience focused on the energy industry in Latin America, IGEF has acquired extensive local and regional energy industry knowledge.

The IGEF provides knowledge and organized forums, conferences, and dialogue spaces to support energy businesses and bring launch platforms for new technologies and research initiatives in the energy field.

Through our global alliances, consultants, and advisors in hydrocarbons and clean energy with solid experience from multiple countries, IGEF is a trustworthy partner to understand and take the right path in the energy transition.

Energy Industry Trends

We frequently organize specialized meetings for updating the new trends in tech for the energy industry.

Growth Networking

Connecting energy industry people
person to person, throughout dialogue platforms.

Energy for Education and Health

We are working to consolidate clean energy initiatives that support organizations on education and health programs in impoverished areas in the US, Latin America, and Africa.

Latam legal advice

IGEF provides leading insights on the social, business and legal framework in the Energy industry across Latin America.

Advisors & Consultants

Our mission is to provide organizations with advice, education, and networking on energy policies, with a high level of trust and technical support.
We provide strategic advisory services for the energy industry through our partners or allies in the United States, Canada, Central and South America, or Europe.
IGEF is proud to be part of a global team of allies and experts in hydrocarbons, solar photovoltaic, wind energy, hydrogen, and electric mobility.
We can provide advice, partnership, and consulting at all levels, including government and companies or organizations across the energy industry, private sector, NGO, and others.

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