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The meeting point for the Energy Transition Leaders

Webinar (Español): Gestión de Proyectos PPP y Financiamiento Internacional. Julio 11, 9 AM-12 PM CDT GMT-5

Workshop: Renewable Energy Project Structuring, Houston, Texas, August, 2024 (Hybrid)

Workshop: Latam’s Lithium resources and critical minerals in the Storage Solutions, September, 2024, Houston, Texas (Hybrid)

17th International Gas & Energy Forum

Ensuring Energy Security with Reliable Sources.

Natural Gas. Solar . Wind . Hydroelectricity . Green Hydrogen. Biofuels. Electromobility . CCUS . Critical Raw Materials and Energy Storage.

Panama City. April 2 – 4, 2025 (Hybrid)


At IGEF, we are an independent private organization with a clear mission – to foster a profound understanding, in-depth analysis, and meaningful discussions within the energy industry. With over two decades of expertise in the Latin American region, we have acquired extensive knowledge of the local and regional energy landscape.

Our core mission at IGEF revolves around promoting an energy transition that leads us toward a sustainable and innovative future. To achieve this, we actively create dynamic forums, conferences, and platforms that support businesses, explore new technologies, and drive research initiatives in the energy sector. Our efforts are strengthened by solid global alliances, a network of esteemed consultants, and experienced advisors in various energy fields like oil & gas, solar, wind, and hydrogen energies. They draw from their tangible experiences in diverse countries and complex scenarios, ensuring our initiatives are well-informed and impactful.

We invite you to join us in this collective journey to advance the energy industry and play a vital role in shaping a better world. Please take the time to explore our website to learn more about our initiatives, events, and resources.



What do We do?

Our mission is to provide comprehensive guidance consultancy services and facilitate constructive dialogues through forums, congresses, workshops, webinars, studies, and project management in the energy sector and public policy, all underpinned by a strong foundation of trust and technical expertise.

We offer consulting services in the energy industry in collaboration with our global network of partners and allies. Our international team actively engages in the analysis and development of projects related to natural gas, solar energy, wind energy, hydrogen, waste-to-energy, and electric mobility.

Our global team comprises professionals with diverse backgrounds, including engineers, economists, lawyers, and financial analysts, with extensive experience in energy policies, regulations, and project management. We also have legal experts specializing in hydrocarbons, energy, mining, energy regulation, renewables, and hydrogen, contributing to our international expertise.

In addition, we are well-equipped to provide advice and expertise in various aspects of hydrocarbon infrastructure, spanning upstream, midstream, and downstream projects, including oil and gas pipelines, liquid processing and storage facilities, LNG operations, commercialization, and natural gas markets.

Energy Transition

The world is in an irreversible energy transition process, and we are proud to understand and accompany organizations along this bridge.

Dialogue Platforms

We organize forums, meetings, workshops and produce white papers and podcasts to support the energy industry transition process.

Project Management

Certified consultants from our extensive global network of alliances offer consultancy and advice for projects in the energy industry.

We Know Latin America

We know all the Latin American natural gas, energy industry geography, emphasizing the Southern Cone, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, and Peru.

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